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When it comes to large photographic fine art, the elegance and magnitude of our printed fabric has changed everything. By combining our fabric with our new aluminum framing system, we’re able to create vibrant, front-lit, backlit and freestanding graphics in sizes up to 40 feet by 10 feet, yet still ship to all of our customers in UPS-approved packages.



Our Artist Galley is a great way to Transform Your Garage by selecting some great images from our list of accomplished artists. Each artist is pictured, along with his biography, and their favorite shots are grouped according to their automotive passion. All of the images have been chosen for their high resolution and their ability to be beautifully reproduced as a piece of fine art!



Measure your wall space
to determine size.

First, measure the space in your garage, home or business where you would like to add a Garage Graphic – and send us a photo of this space noting both the height and width. You will receive a template for your approval before we begin printing and fabrication.


Choose your frame size,
photo grid and materials.

We’ve provided some suggested layouts, or “grids.” Using these grids creates an easy way to add multiple photos to your Garage Graphic, while also keeping the size of your images manageable for better reproduction. You can also create your own grid and custom size.


Choose from our gallery of fine automotive artists.

Browse our high-resolution automotive images in the Artist Gallery, and choose from any of our artists’ featured shots. You can also create a design using multiple images for added impact and personalization.


Easy Installation

Each Garage Graphic comes with all of the tools needed for assembly, as well as complete setup and installation instructions for wall-hung and freestanding displays, including both front- and backlit options.


  • Garage Graphics has transformed my garage into a very special space where my friends and I hang out for hours and enjoy our car hobby. The sheer size and the presence of those beautiful images just make the place. I chose some of Denny Strauss’s photographs for my garage, and they are just fantastic. The guys at garage graphics are true professionals. The whole experience was easy and painless. I have one 6’x28’ and two 7’x11’ graphics. They were fabricated flawlessly and quickly. And, the installation was simple and done in a couple of hours, which is amazing for that size of images. I am more than 100% happy and would highly recommend it to any car enthusiast. It’s the next best thing to actually owning my classics. Just love it….

    Fred V.
  • The garage is a place that takes me away from the pressures of work and allows me to enjoy my passion of old cars. The large photo graphics that Garage Graphics produce transformed the workshop into a second living room.

    Dr. Jim C.
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