Larger than life...

With sizes up to 10' x 40' in back lit, front lit, wall hung, and free standing versions, Garage Graphics® will help you express your automotive passion – and transform your space.
Pursuit of happiness...
“I’m a car guy. My father is a car guy. My grandfather was a car guy. I also love large-scale graphics. Garage Graphics® brings both of my passions together to offer a completely new way to see automotive art.” ~ Doug Buchanan
Everything you need...
From conveniently packaged UPS or FedEx ground shipping to complete installation instructions and simple assembly, Garage Graphics makes it easy to think big.
Passion and vision...
With state-of-the-art dye-sublimation printing, fire resistant fabrics, ADA-compliant frames, and low-voltage, UL-approved LED lighting, it's all about... everything.

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Bill Pack is an artist with the soul of a sculptor and the eye of a designer who doesn’t just photograph cars—he paints them with light. Car enthusiasts and collectors around the world know his images for their elegant feel, strong graphics lines, and ability to capture the intent of the designer who dreamed each automotive work of art into existence.


  • Garage Graphics has transformed my garage into a very special space where my friends and I hang out for hours and enjoy our car hobby. The sheer size and the presence of those beautiful images just make the place. I chose some of Denny Strauss’s photographs for my garage, and they are just fantastic. The guys at garage graphics are true professionals. The whole experience was easy and painless. I have one 6’x28’ and two 7’x11’ graphics. They were fabricated flawlessly and quickly. And, the installation was simple and done in a couple of hours, which is amazing for that size of images. I am more than 100% happy and would highly recommend it to any car enthusiast. It’s the next best thing to actually owning my classics. Just love it….

    Fred V.
    Fred V.
  • The garage is a place that takes me away from the pressures of work and allows me to enjoy my passion of old cars. The large photo graphics that Garage Graphics produce transformed the workshop into a second living room.

    Dr. Jim C.
    Dr. Jim C.
  • I am very pleased with the look and overall quality of the Garage Graphics in my shop ( Doug and his staff took very good care of me and my project. The final result is truly fantastic!

    Don Compton
    Don Compton Owner Flatirons Autohaus

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