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The Art of the Automobile and Race Day Images

Steven Edson is an award winning documentary and fine art photographer based in the Boston area for the past 30 years. His assignment work has taken him to 5 continents, shooting for a variety of financial, consulting, fashion, hospitality clients and a long list of editorial publications.

Steve says, “The camera works to document the external, but more importantly, magnifies the mysteries which exist within one’s self.” The process of photographing offers him new ways to explore and reorganize reality. The exciting and challenging medium of photography creates new opportunities to stop, for split seconds at a time, and results in his beautiful collection of car and race track images.

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Form and function welded, bolted and stitched together for speed, comfort, performance and safety. Steve has always enjoyed looking and appreciating the precision of bending metal and chrome to conform to designer’s visions with vintage, classic, muscle cars, race cars and contemporary super cars. Steve has photographed everything from American, European and Japanese automobiles to architecture to airplanes and continues to explore other beautiful and thoughtful forms of industrial design and everyday life where ever he travels. When working on different race tracks, the noise, smoke and smell of burning rubber add to the atmosphere and intensity of race car drivers trying to cross the finish line first without crashing. Steve says, “its important to get up close and find those beautiful images, but not so close that he becomes a far different story in tomorrows papers”.

Steven Edson

Car Interiors 01

Odometer 1964 Buick Wildcat

Car Interiors 02


Exterior Details 01


Exterior Details 02

1931 Ford Hot Rod

Exterior Details 03

1909 Pierce Arrow 36 UU

Exterior Details 04

1959 Cadillac tailfin and lights

Exterior Details 05

1962 Ford Thunderbird Rear Light

Exterior Details 06


Race Day 01


Race Day 02


Race Day 03


Hood Ornaments 01


Hood Ornaments 02

1955 Cadillac Hood Ornament

Hood Ornaments 03

1942 Cadillac Hood Ornament

Hood Ornaments 04



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