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Have one of those big empty spots in your home that just cries out, “Fill me up!” Here’s one man’s solution—a full-sized Garage Graphics’ light box of a Porsche GT3. But wait! There’s more! How about if we integrate a Porsche 911 Soundbar from Porsche Design? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

While this might not be everyone’s vision of how to decorate, it struck Porsche of San Diego’s general manager Shawn Evans and his partner Roxane as exactly the right thing to do with the large empty space above the bar in their new downtown apartment.

Garage Graphics’ worked with Shawn and his photographer to produce just the right image of the GT3, then the GG crew went to work seamlessly integrating the Porsche 911 Soundbar into the lightbox design that, in Shawn’s words, “hit the bullseye perfectly!” Shawn went on to say, “In the end, we have an amazing piece of Porsche art that pleases the senses of sight and hearing!”

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