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If you haven’t visited our contributing artist’s galleries recently, you’re in for a treat with new work by Steve Edson, John Straub, and David Townsend. Steve Edson just completed a new series of interiors that are simply spectacular, illustrator David Townsend is near to completing his incredible series on the five 1967 Formula One winners and photographer John Straub continues to amaze with his Porsche images.

Steve Edson’s Car Interiors and Car Interiors 2 galleries include in tight and up close images of dashes, gauges, and steering wheels from some of the most iconic cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The craftsmanship and detail in simple things like switches and instruments is something we just don’t see in out modern machines and represents a level or artisanship that is now seen in only the most expensive cars.

John Straub’s Supercar Passion gallery features stunning images of some of the world’s most unique and famous super cars. From the Pagani and Ford GT40 to Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini, and Ferrari they’re all there photographed in John’s memorable style.

David Townsend’s cutaway illustration of the winning 1967 Formula One cars—Gurney Eagle, Lotus 49, Repco-Brabham and Honda RA300—represent one of the most unique years in F1 racing, a year that saw five of the six full-time constructors win races. Add to that Dan Gurney winning in his own Gurney Eagle, John Surtees taking the checkers in the RA300 on the last and only lap he led, Jim Clark piloting his Lotus 49 to a win in its inaugural outing, and the Repco-Brabham taking home not only the constructor’s title but the driving title as well and you have one of the watershed seasons in F1 racing.

Our contributing artists are constantly adding new material to their portfolios so visit the Artist Galleries often to see high resolution images formatted specially to deliver spectacular results as large scale graphics or brushed aluminum prints.

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