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Austin-Healey 100M ~ David Townsend

Automotive art reimagined

There’s just something about art on metal that says “car guy” and the Austin-Healey 100M by illustrator David Townsend is a perfect example of what I mean. Headed off to a soon-to-be very happy customer in California, David’s meticulous file preparation lets all of the metal bits really shine through creating an absolutely stunning effect. It’s the perfect application of the brushed aluminum composite.

My brushed aluminum print from Garage Graphics just arrived and it’s out of the box. IT’S SPECTACULAR. I just can’t stop staring at it.  ~ Greg and Susan V.

Cobra ~ John Straub

Our brushed aluminum prints are available from nearly all of the contributing artists including John Straub, David Townsend, Bill Pack, Pete Lyons, Kent Williams, Denny Strauss, and Michael Keyser. You can choose from among the hundreds of high-resolution images provided by these artists or furnish one of your own.

Our standard-sized brushed aluminum prints are available in sizes up to 56″ long (larger sizes are available through special order) and are shipped directly to your door via FedEx ground delivery. They come ready to hang right out of the box. All you have to do is attach the wall cleat, hang, and enjoy.

You can get yours at:

Garage Graphics also prints and sells large-scale back lit or front lit display graphics in sizes up to 10′ x 40′. Choose from among the hundreds of high-resolution images provided by our team of nationally recognized automotive photographers and illustrators or supply one of your own. To find out more:

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