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garage graphics®


In 1895, Renze Display was founded in Omaha, Nebraska for the sole purpose of creating floats for an annual harvest celebration every fall in the heartland. The company continued into the 1930s, building displays and hand painting signs. In 1935, Maynard Buchanan purchased Renze, and so began a history of car guys owning a company that has always focused on creating large and colorful graphics for our customers. Beginning in the late 1950s, John Buchanan pushed the company heavily into screen printing, and the 70s saw the introduction of portable displays and interior branding. In 1987, Doug Buchanan became the third generation to own Renze, and under his direction entered the world of large-format digital printing, which includes dye-sublimation fabric printing. Throughout all these years, the passion of all three generations has been collecting and enjoying fine automobiles. Today, we are celebrating that passion by introducing Garage Graphics to transform your garage, home or business.



By choosing photos or illustrations from our gallery of fine automotive artists, we will assemble and create a graphic that can be as large as 40 feet by 10 feet, using dye sublimation printed fabric and an aluminum framing system. Graphics this large no longer have to be made in multiple pieces or ship in large crates via truck. Our fine art will ship via UPS and is simple to install on your wall or displayed freestanding. You will get the elegance, brilliant color and sharp reproduction that only dye-sublimation can achieve. All of our fabric comes with documentation of its fire rating and all lighting is low voltage and UL listed.


Choose from three Garage Graphics display styles: Wall Mounted, Backlit and Freestanding.
Each style offers additional options for customization.

Wall Mounted

Garage Graphics can be wall hung for a front-lit room graphic. They are available in either silver or black at no additional charge.


It can also be backlit using a 3.875”-deep aluminum profile with internal, dimmable LED lighting. Our backlit photo displays can be as large as 40 feet by 10 feet and can be painted any color as an add-on option.


Our front- and backlit displays are also available as a freestanding option, up to 40 feet by 10 feet. These can be designed as single- or double-faced displays and used as room dividers or to cover up a storage space or equipment.

What comes in
Your order

Your Garage Graphic will arrive with proper assembly and installation instructions, all frames cut and mitered to the proper size, necessary hardware and hand tools for assembly, and a phone number for support. Backlit or freestanding displays will include additional tools, instructions, lights, low-voltage power supply, and a dimmer. Freestanding displays will include stabilization feet.


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